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Discount Solar Panels

Discount solar panels can be found for cheap more easily than you think.

If you want to become more energy efficient on a smaller budget, discount solar panels could be the answer.  It’s possible to find solar panels for cheaper prices, but usually the panels aren’t going to be quite as effective, and you could end up having to tap back into electrical power from a provider.  To really take advantage of discount solar panels, you have to become more energy efficient.  Solar panels are an investment, a way to change your life and live more environmentally friendly.  In order to really take this to heart, you should start changing your lifestyle, while you’re shopping for panels.

A good step to take before finding discounted solar panels, is to take some electrical measurements around your home and see how much energy you’re using up.  By monitoring your energy usage, you can find ways to get around your more common energy consumptions.  By spotting the problem areas, you can find good solutions that will make your solar panels more effective.  In order to do that you’re going to need a few tools.  One of which is a Kill A Watt Meter.

A Kill A Watt Meter is a handy tool that tells you how much power an electrical appliance is eating up.  When used a Kill A Watt Meter will measure how much electrical consumption an appliance requires per kilowatt-hour the same way that an electrical company would use to charge you.  This way you can assess which objects are taking up more electrical energy, and see how much they cost you per hour, day, week, month and even year.  This could inspire you to discover which appliances you can live without, favoring energy efficiency over lifestyle convenience.

Another effective way to help out your solar panels once you have them, is by installing more insulation into your house.  One of the biggest energy burners occurs in a home during winter time.  In the winter heating costs can sky rocket, and your energy consumption goes right up with those rising costs.  In order to battle against this there are two things you can do.  Purchase cheap and effective solar window drapes, and add more insulation to your outer walls.  By having your solar drapes open during the day the sun lets in a massive amount of heat.  Once it’s dark outside you close the drapes, and the heat is stored within your home, keeping everything warmer.  The same principle is true with better insulation, and both will affect how much heat you need to use.

You’ll want to limit big energy burners like heat as much as possible when using discount solar panels, so that you can ensure you successfully stay off the grid.  Now that you find yourself more energy efficient, and ready to live off of solar energy, you can shop for panels.  Internet solar providers like and have a wide variety of cheap solar panels.  But probably the best source is, offering wholesale solar panels.

Wholesale Solar is a company that strives to sell retail quality solar panels at wholesale prices, no matter the number of panels you buy.  They also have installation options and guides for all their solar panels on sale.  Including a numerous amount of tips regarding ways you can effectively save energy, and live off the grid with only your  discount solar panels providing all the power you need.