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Solar Cell Phone Charger

A solar cell phone charger uses sun powered means to recharge your battery, via panels smaller than one would think.

Harnessing the power of the sun for your needs doesn’t have to be as complicated as installing solar panels onto your home.  Rather, you can just go more simplified to do what you can, and save money in the process.  For example, instead of keeping your cell phone powered by utilizing wall outlets, consider purchasing a solar cell phone charger instead.  This way, you can charge your phone from literally any location, so long as the sun is shining.  But what’s more, you can just ensure that you have the right type of solar cell phone charger that’s also capable of powering other things as well.

The way that these work is just like any other type of solar device.  You’ll find that just about any type of solar cell phone charger is made to actually harness the UV radiation put out by the sun’s rays.  That way, it literally converts them into energy utilizing the special types of solar crystals installed within the surface of the panel.  This is then converted into a usable electricity, that can be delivered to just about any type of electrical device.  So long as your solar cell phone charger is powerful enough, you can get it to run just about anything so long as the sun is shining.

That means you want to first purchase the right type that’s going to be convenient for you to use.  One of the problems presented with any type of solar cell phone charger, is just making them large enough to be effective for the device that you’re using.  The problem with solar panels is that typically larger is better, but larger is not better when you’re trying to carry them around in a purse, pocket or briefcase.  That means you want to find one that typically has some sort of folding motion.  That way your solar cell phone charger can actually be folded into itself, but then folded out to reveal several panels that can capture enough energy for almost anything.

That means you also want to see how much electricity your solar cell phone charger is actually capable of putting out.  You can find those that will work with literally any type of  cell phone, so that you’ll be able to charge them on the go so long as you have a good view of the sun.  but what’s more, you can also ensure that you have the power you need to charge just about anything else as well.  With the right type of charger you can also charge things like portable video game consoles, or even mp3 players as well, so that you can keep your mobile entertainment powered in a green way.

You can buy a solar cell phone charger just about anywhere as well. Through stores like or even retailers like Best Buy you can find plenty of options.  Just make sure that you read the fine print, so that you know your charger has enough power to handle your phone’s needs.