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Solar Panels Price

A solar panels price will be determined by a number of factors.

When considering upgrading to solar energy, one of the biggest factors is a solar panels price.  Price is the biggest factor that keeps many people from upgrading to the cleaner, renewable energy resource that is solar power.  Most of the time solar panels tend to be very expensive, and if your home isn’t energy efficient, living off the grid is expensive.  Really, it’s all about lifestyle.  A solar panels price is only half the battle, the real trouble is changing your life style to work with your solar panel.  The price can be easily justified if you’re willing to change to a more energy efficient lifestyle.

So, how much do solar panels cost?  One of the best ways to calculate how much solar panels will cost for your home in it’s current state, is to calculate how much energy you’re putting out.  Keep track of how much the power company says you’re putting out each month.  Usually that’s not a good number to go off to calculate how much you would use with solar panels, as we tend to use power without thinking when you’re on the grid.  To make a real calculation, see how much you’re expending now, and how much you could save without appliances you don’t necessarily need to use as often.

The best way to do that is with a kilowatt-hour gauge.  One of the most common, and cheapest is the Kill A Watt product.  This product measures the kilowatt-hour usage of any product that you plug into the gauge.  With this you can target the key energy wasters in your household, and find ways around them.  Figure out some of your bigger energy offenders, and think of ways that they could become more energy efficient.  Consider using them less, or not using them at all if they’re appliances you don’t really need.  This is better for the environment, and will enable you to live off the grid easier.

Once you have a decent idea of your household’s average kilowatt-hour usage over a month, you can gauge how many solar panels you’ll need.  That will in turn provide you with the solar panel cost you can expect to pay out of pocket.  Remember that there are also government tax breaks to help you pay for the cost of solar panels, most of which will help you recoup 50% or more of the total cost.  As each solar provider is different, for installation and the panels themselves you’ll receive a different price quote based upon provider.

Having accurate kilowatt-hour measurements is key to receiving an accurate price quote, and finding the right amount of solar panels to help you live off the grid.  Which type of solar panel you choose will also affect solar panels price.  Monocrystalline panels are more expensive but more effective.  Polycrystalline panels aren’t as energy efficient, but tend to be cheaper than monocrystalline.

Another big factor will be the location in which you live.  If you live farther north, and don’t receive as much direct sunlight, you’re going to require more solar panels.  The opposite is true if you live closer to the south.  The less direct sunlight your house receives on average, the higher your solar panels price is going to be.  On average, depending upon location and which type of panels you choose, you can expect to pay around $5,000 to $20,000 to outfit an entire home with solar energy.