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Solar Pool Panels

Solar pool panels are a very effective means of swimming pool heating.

If you own an outdoor swimming pool in a fairly cold climate, chances are your swimming season is fairly short.  That means you probably don’t feel that you’re getting the most out of your pool.  Heating systems are nice, and would solve the problem, but they aren’t very cost effective.  But that’s where solar pool panels can come in very handy.  This type of solar panel is used specifically to warm up your pool to a comfortable temperature for swimming.  That means you can use your pool for a much longer swimming season than was previously thought possible in your area.

Pool heating systems tend to be gigantic wastes of energy.  Usually they burn through a massive amount of electricity in order to heat your pool.  This makes them extremely unnecessary on the basis that they waste nonrenewable fossil fuels, and they really put a hole in your pocket book will all the power they consume.  Swimming pool solar panels are a fantastic alternative because they use no traditional electricity, and as long as your pool area gets a good amount of sunshine, are extremely effective.

A solar pool heating panel is made to tie into your current plumbing circulation for your pool.  As almost every pool has a water circulation method for cleaning the water, a solar panel will be a remarkably easy addition into the works.  When the water is removed to be run through a cleaning filter, with a solar panel the water will also be heated.  A new compartment is added for the water to run through, which will be attached to the solar panel.  When the sun is out, the panel will store energy which will then be used to heat the water as it passes through the solar compartment.  Then when the water flows back into the pool, the result is warmer water provided entirely by renewable solar energy.

To purchase solar panels for pools you can go to a dealer that specifically offers solar panels, or also larger department chains.  Internet sellers like and offer solar panel pool heater options at affordable prices.  Also, big name chains like Sam’s Club and Sears also offer a wide variety of solar pool heating options.  Typically a solar pool system will cost anywhere from $200 to a few thousand.  They are often much cheaper than a home solar panel would be, because pool solar panels are much smaller.  You don’t require quite as much energy just to heat your pool, so the panels aren’t as large.

Because there is so much mechanical involvement, and a lot can go wrong with your panels, or pool plumbing, professional installation is probably best.  Installing the panels yourself is possible, if you are pretty handy with home improvement, but don’t attempt this unless you’re absolutely confident.  Otherwise the added savings of solar panels will be lost when you have to pay to fix anything that went wrong.  All in all, solar pool panels will be a welcome addition that will save you money on pool heating, and greatly enhance your swimming experience.